With a projected reach of 1.2 billion users by 2023, if you own a beauty business, you can’t afford to not be using Instagram for marketing your beauty business and its services. In a 2021 social media marketing report, Social Media Examiner found that 78% of marketers are using Instagram and that it’s the second most important platform after Facebook. Furthermore, the results showed that sixty-four percent of marketers plan to increase their activities on Instagram this year.

If you are wondering why this is important to understand for your aesthetic location, in 2019, Facebook commissioned a study that determined that 54% of people have made a purchase after seeing a product or service on Instagram. This platform is especially suited for small business owners who don’t have a huge budget to employ expensive marketing campaigns. All you need is a little sweat equity in terms of time, a free account, a smartphone camera, and you are off to the races.

Since its inception back in 2010 when the platform was mostly pictures of food and selfies, Instagram has come a long way as a tool used for businesses. In the last year alone, Instagram has added a variety of new tools geared towards marketing businesses including new advanced analytics, shoppable Instagram posts, and Reels—all of which can be useful for establishing your brand awareness, engaging and building your beauty business’s community, and acquiring new customers.

But, before you start marketing your beauty location, you will need to know your audience inside and out to be a success on this social media platform and that includes creating content that resonates with your followers. You will also need to know how to track your social media metrics so you can make necessary changes to your marketing strategy or continue utilizing ones that work. Below, are some of our top suggestions to leverage the power of Instagram properly so that you will grow your aesthetic business successfully.

Add Value With Quality Content That’s Shareable

Make sure you provide your followers valuable content that they are going to want to share including beauty tips, how-to videos or services in action, answer their questions, and advice on common aesthetic issues and treatments. Try using memes and colorful infographics that are aesthetically appealing (after all, you are in the beauty game) and humorous posts that will encourage your followers to share, only spreading your reach. If you build trust with your audience so they know you are a resource, they will be much more likely to book an appointment at your beauty location or buy a product from you.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Now that you have created compelling content and folks are commenting and sharing it—engage with your audience by liking, commenting, and creating pressure-free conversations with potential new customers for your aesthetic business. If clients tag your business, make sure to like and comment on their post or share it on your stories to further engage and expand your digital reach. Just get into the habit of commenting, liking, answering DMs, posting Instagram stories, and reacting to others’ Instagram stories.

If You Aren’t Using Instagram Reels, Change That Immediately

If you aren’t using Reels—change that STAT! Show your followers that you are current, creative, and invested in making your Instagram page a destination. Reels is Instgram’s hottest new tool for engagement, so jump on the marketing bandwagon to help grow your beauty business. Quality images are great, but video is an even stronger format to present quality content.

Show The Personalities Behind The Business

While people support your brand of businesses, they also want to know who is behind the scenes—so show them your personality and that of those who work for you in your beauty location.

Do A Live Talk With A Fellow Beauty Expert Who Has A Similar Audience

When you do a live chat with a fellow beauty expert who has an audience similar to yours—there is a good chance that some of their followers will convert to followers of your account. For example, you could bring on a skincare expert to answer common questions about aesthetic concerns or a non-invasive technology partner to answer questions about the technology behind the device. Just make sure whatever content you are creating offers value to existing and potentially new clients.

Utilize Beauty Influences

Utilizing beauty influencers can be a great tool to grow your follower count and maximize your reach online. Just be sure to research the influencer and their following to make sure they align with your beauty location’s brand. You can have the influencer video the services that they are having done in your location to share on the feed to illustrate the benefits (and results) of the various non-invasive treatment services you offer at your location.
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