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About us

Empowering beauty.

About us

Empowering beauty.

Who we are

By providing proven products, best-in-class training and unrivaled support, we make the world’s best kept beauty secrets accessible, empowering wellness and beauty entrepreneurs to achieve financial and personal success.

Our results

With us, over 2,000 partners are changing people’s lives from the inside out, earning financial freedom and finding joy in running their business. We couldn’t ask for more than that.

What we do

Our team carefully researches devices that meet real needs, offer real solutions, and supercharge sales. We sell and lease these devices with some of the most flexible and affordable payment plans out there. Then we give training on how to use them and guidance in making a profit.

Who we work with

Our partners are passionate, caring and determined people who work hard to help others look and feel their best. A schedule packed with low ticket treatments can leave some on the brink of burnout, and without extra capital, they don’t always have the freedom to invest and grow. That's where we come in.

“For me, the most rewarding thing in business is spotting talented individuals and helping them to reach their potential. Artemis gives me the opportunity to help a whole network of partners to start, develop and grow their own businesses, improving their customers’ lives in the process.”
Simon Mansell, Artemis Founder

Meet our founder

Our founder, Simon Mansell, wanted to run his own business since he was a child. He left home at seventeen and worked as a cleaner. At age twenty-two he founded his own digital agency.

The business started out as a low margin, one-man show which Simon ran from his bedroom. Thirteen years later, he employed a team 125 strong, making $16 million in revenue.

After his company was acquired, Simon decided to branch into beauty and fitness, setting up Cryofuel in NYC. At first, the company struggled, making small losses each month. Then, his wife tried Cryoskin while on a trip to St. Barts. The results stunned them both. So, he bought a device and watched it transform Cryofuel’s monthly revenue.

Simon saw that Cryoskin had the potential to bring other entrepreneurs huge success. He set up Artemis to make this and other game-changing beauty technology accessible and affordable to business owners across the country and around the world.

With a clear vision to empower wellness and beauty entrepreneurs to achieve financial and personal freedom, today Artemis is a thriving community that brings confidence and esteem to clients across the country.

Our team

People with a passion for your success.
Headshot image of Kate Lavender, CEO & COO

Kate Lavender


Headshot image of Jessica Cohen, Vice President of Finance

Jessica Cohen

VP of Finance

Headshot image of Dean Snook, Vice President of Customer Experience

Dean Snook

VP of Customer Experience

Headshot image of Lynze Ballay, VP of People

Lynze Ballay

VP of People

Headshot image of Delaney Allen-Mills, Vice President of Brand

Delaney Allen-Mills

VP of Brand

Emily Graeter, National Sales Director

Emily Graeter

National Sales Director

Artemis Payment Options


The Artemis Preview Program

This program is perfect for new partners looking to preview an Artemis device without the commitment of leasing or purchasing.

STEP offers competitive pricing with a 3-month minimum term on certified pre-owned devices based on availability. After the 3-month preview term, you have the flexibility to continue with STEP on a month-to-month basis, roll into a lease, purchase, or return your device hassle-free.

We are so confident that you will make your ROI back that we even offer a revenue guarantee on select products. Please speak to our sales team for more details.

Exclusion: Skinalysis™


The Artemis Lease Program

This program is designed for new and existing partners alike who are eager to bring an Artemis device into their business without the financial burden of purchasing.

LEAP offers you the most flexibility with your finances, allowing you to choose the term, device type, and down payment that works best for your business. Pricing varies depending on device type and chosen term.


For the greatest savings, we offer the opportunity for you to purchase a device outright in cash at any time, either right away or after your STEP or LEAP term.

We offer both new and certified pre-owned devices and accept payment by bank transfer, debit, or credit card for greater convenience.