About us

Make every body proud.

Our story

Our Founder, Simon Mansell, discovered Cryoskin on holiday when his wife received a Cryoskin treatment and they were both blown away by the results. Simon decided to bring Cryoskin to our flagship location, Cryofuel, in NYC. This was Cryoskin’s original introduction to the U.S. market in September of 2017. After seeing how Cryoskin impacted Cryofuel’s monthly recurring revenue, Simon founded Artemis Distribution with this mission: 

“to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin.”

With the success of Cryoskin and the will to achieve our mission, we expanded our portfolio to include Endosphères Therapy and Plason, and have welcomed 1,000+ partners to the Artemis family. We plan on continuing to add new product lines that align with our values: providing non-invasive and effective treatments. 

Our team

Kate Lavender


Kate has had a number of leadership roles in customer service, operations and marketing.  She runs all the teams at Artemis and focuses on ensuring that what we do is consistent with our mission of helping to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who help people feel better in their skin.

Simon Mansell


Simon previously ran one of the largest Facebook advertising businesses. He founded Cryoskin on a vacation with his wife in St. Barths and came up with some of the flexible purchase options we have available. His mission in life is to help more people own and run their own businesses.

Christe Anastopoulos

VP Aesthetics

For 15 years, Christe Anastopoulos has proven to be a noteworthy leader in the Medical Aesthetic arena. She delivers passion, common sense, and contagious energy to the table. Christe has had the privilege of consulting with hundreds of businesses and thought leaders to drive transformation and create growth solutions. 

Gareth Davies

VP Marketing

Gareth has held several leadership roles in marketing and for some well known brands such as Vodafone, Sky and Philip Morris International.  He has experience across a broad spectrum of marketing related disciplines. At Artemis, he is responsible for the marketing programs and ensuring that our partners can be successful as well.  

Dean Snook

VP Partner Success

For over 20 years Dean has been dedicated to building successful businesses. He has led award winning global teams, using cutting-edge technology and the latest digital strategies. His drive for being the best and passion to achieve the highest level of excellence for his clients, is a recipe for guaranteed success.

Kimberly Paolercio

VP Operations

Before Artemis, Kimberly owned a business providing financial services & Quickbooks setup, and consulting for small businesses. She built the beginnings of the Finance team before moving over to Operations in January 2020.  As VP Operations she oversees the Fulfillment, Service & Support, and Systems & Process Management teams.

Lynze Ballay

VP People

Lynze has been building and creating start-ups for the past decade. She is a passionate champion of talent and thrives in high-growth environments as an energetic and thoughtful leader and trailblazer. At Artemis Lynze is focused on creating future-oriented programs that scale organizations, accelerate engagement, and build culture.

Jessica Cohen

VP Finance

Jessica has spent her career in both public accounting and working in the private sector for Hedge Funds.  At Artemis she runs the Finance team, where she looks to strengthen Artemis’ financial position as well as ensuring our profits are reinvested into offering our partners resources to help them grow and become successful entrepreneurs.

Benjamin Feinson

Head of Product Management

Ben oversees his own retail location in NY, which was voted NYC’s number 1 spot by Yahoo News. He was the first retailer to bring both the Cryoskin and Endosphéres to the U.S. market. At Artemis Ben finds new products, and figures out the strategy to bring these products to market that will help our partners be successful. 

Delaney Allen-Mills

Director of Partner Training and Quality

Delaney has been with Artemis from the beginning and brought the first Cryoskin to the U.S. in 2017. At Artemis she wears many hats, but focuses on training & education, product development, and strategic account management. She is passionate about helping partners develop their skills and expertise to deliver life-changing results. 

Austin Evans

Director of Sales Enablement

After spending five years in the US Air Force, Austin decided to dramatically shift careers and pursue his true passion: the advancement of beauty, technology & service. At Artemis, Austin serves as a coach for our sales teams, and contributor to our overall strategy. You can also find him hosting the Body Beauty Show.