Plason is an FDA-registered device that harnesses the power of low-temperature atmospheric plasma to fight stubborn acne and prevent future breakouts, without damaging the skin.
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The clinically-proven acne facial


Improve acne


Even skin tone


Fight signs of aging

How it works

  1. A facial wand sends a stream of atmospheric plasma – ionized gas with an electric charge – from the air onto your client’s skin.
  2. The charged particles from the atmospheric plasma are unstable, so to stabilize themselves they attach to the bacteria on the skin.
  3. This process neutralizes acne-causing bacteria by breaking down its molecular structure. As a result the germs are expelled and the skin is sterilized.
  4. Plason also increases the absorption rate of the skin, so you can deliver specially formulated serums to the dermis – the layer of skin where they will have the most effect – helping clients meet their unique skin needs.

A service for every skin goal


A quick, pain-free and safe way to improve acne, PlasmaClear fights stubborn acne, controls oil production, and evens skin. It's effective for every skin tone, at every age on every type of acne and can be used with other acne medications.


This customizable, 2-step facial combines Plason’s acne-clearing, wrinkle-reducing, skin-firming benefits with highly effective transdermal serums. The increased absorption rate of the skin, together with precise ultrasound technology, means that the advanced ingredients and key nutrients can be delivered to the dermis.

Better skin, backed by science


Better skin density after four weeks


Reduction in acne


Reduction in sebum production after six weeks

The results are clear

Sessions: 4
Type: PlasmaClear
Sessions: 4
Type: PlasmaClear

Don’t just take our word for it

“When it comes to helping clients struggling with congestion, hormonal acne and maskne, I have never seen a device that really delivers. I absolutely love the results from Plason.”

“The results that our clients have achieved using Plason have been incredible. We see a dramatic improvement in the bacteria levels in their skin. It’s a really great, gentle way to help clear up acne. And the revenue we are generating is anything from $6,000 to $12,000 a month. Plason is our go-to for acne treatments today.” 

“We’ve had a high satisfaction rate among clients, particularly with acne issues. Because we are getting their skin so clear, sometimes before their medications kick in, Plason is just priceless. It’s very comfortable for them, it’s painless and it's fast.”

Support for better skin and better business

When you partner with Artemis and bring Plason into your practice, your business thrives. Here’s why:

Unprecedented access

Our unique pricing plans make Plason attainable for hard-working wellness and beauty entrepreneurs. Our optional subscription model means you can start generating profit early on, without the burden of debt.

Best in class training

We want you to have more than just financial success. Our best in class online training will help you to get the best from Plason, and accelerate your personal and professional development.

Marketing support

Our support includes webinars and eBooks on marketing strategy. We share design and copy for marketing materials such as social posts and email promotions. We also suggest trusted marketing partners who can help you to drive leads and appointments, keeping your calendar full.

The Artemis community

The Artemis community gives you the care, guidance and inspiration you need to weather the highs and lows of running a business, creating strong, sustainable growth long into the future.

Technical support

We take good care of all our partners. For questions about products, shipping, pricing and more, our expert team is only ever a phone call away.

Hassle-free returns and refunds

When you pay with cash or Artemis finance, you can return the device after 60 days for an 80% refund, or within 12 months for a 50% refund. When you subscribe, you can cancel and return the device at any time. Conditions apply.

Ready for some fresh-faced clients?

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Effective for every skin tone, every age and every type of acne, Plason is also safe to use with other acne medications.
Our team gets to the heart of your clients’ beauty goals, so all our devices, including Plason, are meeting real client needs. To talk more about the services that will work best for your clientele, give us a call.
The cost of a Plason machine varies and depends on a range of factors. You can buy the machine on finance or subscription. Our team helps you find a payment plan that your business can afford, and ensures you make a solid return on investment.
Artemis is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Plason. When you trial, subscribe or buy a machine from us, we ship it directly to your business location.
Plason products and equipment are FDA registered. They haven’t been approved by the FDA for the treatment of any disease or illness and are not intended to be a medical device.

Whether you buy or subscribe to our devices, we train you to use them safely and effectively, completely free of charge. The online course goes over the full science and theory of the device, as well as the technique to use the device. After completing the online training, your technique is assessed via video chat and, once passed, we send you a certificate.

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