Empowering beauty

Non-invasive wellness and beauty devices that deliver clinically-proven results.


Promote slimming, contouring and anti-aging


Target the root causes of cellulite


Fight stubborn acne and reduce signs of aging
Help to shape, tone, smooth, and soothe
Boost collagen and elastin production
Identify skin needs & generate data-driven recommendations

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Science-backed beauty technology, without financial risk

Our mission is simple. To make the world’s best kept beauty secrets accessible, empowering you to achieve financial and personal success. Here’s how we do it.

Proven products

We scour the globe to bring you the best wellness and beauty technology. Proven and clinically-tested, our non-invasive devices deliver the results your clients are searching for, with no pain and no downtime.

Best in class training

We want you to have more than just financial success. Our best in class online and in-person training will help you to get the the most out of our products, and accelerate your personal and professional development.

Unprecedented access

Our unique pricing plans make our cutting-edge technology attainable for hard working wellness and beauty entrepreneurs. Our optional subscription model means you can start generating profit early on, without the burden of debt.

Unrivaled support

We are always developing ways to support our partners. With marketing materials, professional services and a supportive network of partners who are keen to help one another, we provide the tools you need to supercharge your sales and achieve your business goals.

Two smiling women, representing the supportive community of Artemis partners

A community built for success

We empower the unsung heroes of wellness and beauty with so much more than proven devices. Partner with us and build your confidence, vision and momentum by connecting to other Artemis partners on the same journey.

Our community gives you the care, guidance and inspiration you need to weather the highs and lows of running a business, creating strong, sustainable growth long into the future.

Ready to transform your business and your clients’ lives? 

Our proud partners, in their own words

“In six months, I went from this massage therapist that only made $55,000 a year to making $200,000.”

“Artemis support their customers every step of the way. They don't just sell you something and then wish you luck. They partner with you and want to see you succeed.”

“We don't have to sell the service to the clients. The results do that for us.”

Expert advice for real results

Looking for new ways to improve services and bolster revenue? From tackling rosacea to nailing social marketing, our free resources have got you covered.