Aesthetic devices

Professional aesthetic devices and technology.

Artemis currently distributes two professional body sculpting machines in the U.S.


Find out how Cryoskin uses cold temperatures to slim, tone, and lift. Cryoskin is able to reduce inches, smooth skin, and tighten and tone the face without recovery or downtime.

Endosphères Therapy

Find out how Endosphères Therapy uses a patented mechanism of action called Compressive Microvibration to improve cellulite, enhance lymphatic drainage, improve blood flow, decrease aches and pains, and increase muscle tone.

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There are a number of distributors that offer body sculpting machines. At Artemis, we have a genuine desire to build a community of successful entrepreneurs. This drives us to make the right decisions for our partners to ensure their long-term success, which we believe makes us the best partner for your business.

At Artemis, our body sculpting machines start from $20,000 for outright purchases. We know this is a significant obstacle for many entrepreneurs, which is why we support our partners by offering an option of a low risk subscription model.

This really depends on your specific business needs. At Artemis, we only consider machines that are non-invasive, highly profitable and deliver effective results. We currently have two body sculpting machines available – Cryoskin and Endosphères Therapy.