Everything You Need to Know About AirSculpt

If you stay up to date on beauty trends or spend any time on social media, you may have come across a body contouring procedure known as AirSculpt®. So, what is it and why are so many celebrities (who are willing to admit they have had it done) raving about it?

What Is AirSculpt?

Created by Beverly Hills-based celebrity plastic surgeon Aaron Rollins back in 2012, AirSculpt® is a patented minimally invasive procedure for body contouring available exclusively at Elite Body Sculpture clinics located around the country. The idea came to Rollins after years of performing plastic surgery-based procedures that require general anesthesia and long recovery times to his long list of A-list clients and knew there had to be a less invasive procedure, particularly when it came to body sculpting.

Rollins patented AirSculpt® as a new laser assisted liposuction technology for fat removal that uses local anesthesia and doesn’t require needles, scalpels, or stitches and the procedure can be done quickly (sometimes it is referred to as a lunchtime procedure due to the speediness of the treatment in addition to the recovery). Patients are awake during the entire treatment and are typically back to their normal routines within 48 hours. Individuals will start to see results within one month with the full effects visible in three months. AirSculpt’s results are permanent assuming the individual maintains a healthy diet and exercise regimen after the treatment is administered. To date, more than 30,000 AirSculpt® procedures have been performed throughout the United States and Canada.

This past fall, Elite Body Sculpture launched their latest procedure targeted at removing cellulite by snipping the septa that pulls down the skin that creates the dimpling effect with cellulite with the help of Revelle Aesthetics’ Aveli device called AirSculpt Smooth. Once the septa is released the skin is freed and the “pillow effect” is eliminated.

Where On The Body Can AirSculpt Be Performed?

While a healthy diet and exercise routine is vital for one’s health, there is only so much these lifestyle choices can do—especially when it comes to dealing with stubborn fat. This is where AirSculpt offers a viable solution to remove pockets of stubborn fat anywhere on the body from the chin to the ankles. Not only does AirSculpt remove fat, but the fat that is removed can be used for a fat transfer in areas of the body they would like to enhance, like the breasts or butt.

What Does The Procedure Consist Of?

During the procedure, the surgeon creates a freckle-sized hole into the skin and then inserts the proprietary device that not only removes excess fat cells, but also provides a skin tightening effect to the surrounding tissue. Below is information provided on AirSculpt’s website that breaks down the steps of the procedure in most instances. However, during an AirSculpt fat transfer, there are added steps for creating the entry points to remove the fat as well as creating the entry points where the fat enhancements are to be administered, but the harvesting steps below will remain the same.

Step 1: An Elite Body Sculpture surgeon numbs treatment areas with an AirPen, which is a device that uses pressurized air differentials to administer a topical anesthetic in lieu of injecting the patient with a needle.

Step 2: The surgeon then forms perfectly symmetrical two-millimeter-wide openings in the skin with a biopsy punch tool, skipping the need for cuts made with scalpels. A local anesthetic is applied through these entry points, after which AirSculpt fat removal can begin.

Step 3: The fat is removed with a unique, patented cannula, vastly different from those found in traditional liposuction processes. The device gently plucks fat cell by cell, with enhanced precision that minimizes side effects to surrounding areas. Due to its delicate design, patients report that they feel vibrations and deep-tissue massage-like sensations.

Step 4: Once the fat has been extracted, the tiny entry points are naturally left to heal, resulting in just a freckle-sized scar, if one forms at all—which means that elongated, visible scars and stitches are not a concern after AirSculpt.

What Is Recovery Like?

When it comes to traditional liposuction, the most grueling part is the recovery, which can take several weeks to heal properly. For typical fat removal, the recovery can last around three months. With AirSculpt®, the downtime after the procedure is 24-48 hours. After that, compression garments need to be worn to deliver optimal (and symmetrical) contouring results. While heavy exercise should be avoided for a few weeks, patients can resume normal activities, such as going to dinner the same day as the procedure if need be.

What Patients And Celebrities Have To Say About AirSculpt

Because AirSculpt has been around for several years, it is easy to see a range of before and after pictures and read reviews from real patients. According to RealSelf users, 92% of the individuals who had AirSculpt done thought that the procedure was worth it. While many celebrities won’t admit to having procedures done (and doctors can’t share names), there are several public figures who have gone public raving about their results.

Most recently, Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives of Orange County had the procedure done and shared her experience in various publications. "The AirSculpt® experience was amazing. It's hard to believe I was on vacation in Mexico one day, getting my procedure in San Diego the next and then off to New York City for work all within 48 hours,” said Gunvalson. “The quick recovery was amazing. The recovery time is the biggest difference from any other procedure I've done before, and I've done it all."

LeeAnne Locken, another housewife who used to be a cast member of the Real Housewives of Dallas said, "I've actually experienced the benefits of AirSculpt® twice! I had such a great result with my initial AirSculpt® procedure that I came back again to experience AirSculpt® Smooth which permanently removes cellulite. Who wouldn't want that?"


Laser liposuction with AirSculpt® offers yet another solution for body sculpting that is less invasive than traditional liposuction surgery. While AirSculpt® does require tiny insertion points (and possibly re-entry points for fat enhancement), the procedure doesn’t require general anesthesia or long downtimes like the alternative. In fact, most patients go back to their normal activities in 24-48 hours. The results from AirSculpt® are permanent as long as the individual maintains a healthy diet and exercise program to ensure the results are maintained.

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