Your Guide (& Checklist) To Building a Highly Successful Membership Program

Want to rev up your revenue? It’s easier than you think. Let us at The Body Contouring Academy show you a great way to earn a reliable income.

Set up a Membership. It’ll make your business more profitable and income-consistent. Memberships are a win-win scenario:

  1. For your business, a strategic way to increase your bottom line
  2. For your client, an easy way to meet their goals

Why you need a Membership Program in your business

The 6 R’s of Memberships: Reliable, Recurring income for your business and clients you Retain, who Return, Review, and Refer Memberships work. We can vouch for that. Throughout our twenty-something years of owning and operating medical spas, we’ve relied on our Membership Programs to bring in a steady stream of recurring income.

Create trust and increase lifetime client value: Delivering your monthly Membership services allows you to see your clients frequently…giving you time to educate, build trust, and create relationships. As a result, you sell more services and products.

Enable the ultimate client retention tool, which also attracts new clients: Though having a Membership is probably the greatest client retention tool you have, use your Membership to entice new clients too. We do. Studies show that 69% of prospects will choose your business over businesses without a membership program.

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Good luck,
The Body Contouring Academy (BCA)

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