12 Facts About the Lymphatic System You Should Know

The lymphatic system is an integral part of the body’s immune system. It’s a complex network of tissues and organs that help the body rid itself of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. As a beauty professional, the importance of the lymphatic system cannot be underestimated as it can be the root of many aesthetic concerns that your clients seek your help with.

Below are twelve facts about the lymphatic system you should be aware of so that you can guide your clients to the most appropriate treatment types.

1. It’s Like A Sewer

The reason the lymphatic system is so important is that it drains all of the waste materials produced by every cell in the body. If it gets backed up, it is like a toilet and can get clogged. When the lymphatic system is flushed properly by drinking enough water or gentle exercise, it prevents this from happening.

2. The Lymphatic System Is Large

A human body can have up to 700 lymph nodes that constantly work to filter the lymph fluid before it returns back to the circulatory system. The largest organ in the lymphatic system is the spleen. While individuals can live without a spleen when it is removed these individuals can be more prone to infections.

3. It’s Totally Misunderstood

When it comes to our bodily systems, the lymphatic system remains the most undervalued and understood. Yet, if this system stopped working, we could die within 24-48 hours.

4. The Lymphatic System Is A One-Way Street

Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump and is a one-way system that relies on gravity, breathing, and gentle movement to keep it flowing properly.

5. Ayurvedic Medicine Greatly Values The Lymphatic System

While Western medicine may not value the lymphatic system as much as it deserves, Ayurvedic medicine, India’s ancient medical system, considers the lymphatic system the “water of life.”

6. It’s A Disease Fighter

The lymphatic system has been described as the “distribution network” of the immune system since they work symbiotically to fight viruses, bacteria, and other undesirable materials that make their way into the body.

7. You Know The Lymphatic System Is Working When Your Glands Are Swollen

If the glands in your neck get swollen, it is a sign that your lymph nodes are in the process of fighting an infection. While it may not feel good, your body is doing its job.

8. Lymph Fluid Starts Off As Plasma

Before it becomes lymph fluid, it starts off as plasma, the watery component that makes up half of our body’s blood volume.

9. The Appendix Was Recently Discovered To Be A Part Of The Lymphatic System

The appendix, an organ that in the past was thought to be a “useless, dead-end tube”, was recently discovered to be a part of the lymphatic system.

10. There’s A Gut And Lymphatic System Connection

Millions of lymphatic vessels known as lacteals line the gut and absorb the fats and fatty acids we ingest and transport them to the heart where they enter the circulatory system as fuel.

11. Lymphatic Flow Can Be Affected By Scar Tissue

Scar tissue, injury, and even surgery can affect the optimal flow of lymphatic fluid. Luckily, the lymphatic system has the ability to regenerate itself.

12. Lymphatic Fluid Goes Everywhere Blood Goes

The lymphatic fluid goes everywhere that blood goes in the body including our organs and bone marrow.


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