It can be hard for beauty salons to stand out from the crowd and generate bookings. In today’s world, everyone is doing some kind of marketing to promote their products and services.

In situations where beauty professionals are competing with one another, it is important to have an edge over the others. There are many ways to market a beauty business, but the question is what way you should choose? Before we answer that question, we will glance over some of the biggest mistakes you want to avoid if you are looking to quickly generate new bookings.

What you don’t want to do when you need quick bookings

Focus on social media: Even if a strong social media presence is in your marketing strategy, it is not the best way to instantly see results. It can take a lot of time and effort to build up a social media following, and even then you are not guaranteed that those followers will book appointments.

Invest in paid advertising: Another method that can take a lot of time and money until you find what works for your target audience is paid advertising. You could end up wasting a lot of money on ads that don’t generate bookings. Paid advertising requires a lot of strategic planning and testing to crack the code.

Starting a beauty blog: Although a blog can be a great way to build your brand and show off your expertise, it takes time to get traffic that will convert into bookings.

The ultimate solution to getting bookings easily

One of the easiest ways to get bookings when you have slow days is to reach out to your past clients with a carefully crafted Win-Back Campaign.

Who are your past clients? Your past clients are people who have already booked appointments with you in the past and have received your services. They already know, like, and trust you. So, they are more likely to book another appointment when you reach out to them.

What is a Win-back Campaign?

A win-back campaign is a marketing effort to try to regain past clients. It’s usually done with some kind of special offer since the goal is to convince someone who’s already used your product or service that it’s worth their time and money to come back. The offer might be a discount or something else that would entice the person to use your business again.

What’s the best way to send a Win-Back Campaign? The best way to contact your past clients is through text message or email. You can manually reach out to them, but what you should do is automate those campaigns.

How do you automate your win-back campaign?

There are 3 steps that you need to check before you launch your first campaigns for your past clients.

Make sure that your clients opt-in for marketing campaigns. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your clients have given you permission to contact them for marketing purposes. The best way to do this is to have them opt-in when they are booking their appointment or when they are in your salon.

Select your marketing channel. This will deepen what data you collect from your clients. If you only have their phone number, then the best way to reach out to them is through text message. If you have their email address, then you can also reach out to them through email.

Need a tool for your email and text marketing? Referrizer provides both solutions in one platform so you can combine the effectiveness of email and high engagement from text marketing for the best results. In addition, you will also have powerful tools for building the opt-in database that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

Select the right offer. The best way to win back your past clients is by giving them an irresistible offer that they can’t refuse. You can offer them a discount on their next service, a free product, or a package deal.

Pro tip: To boost your sales and the effectiveness of your win-back campaigns, you should segment and keep data about your clients’ favorite services and products. When you need to win them back, you can create more personalized campaigns with the information that you have about their preferences.

Ready to launch your first win-back campaign?

Thanks for reading! We hope this post has given you some valuable insights into win-back campaigns and how to generate additional revenue for your business.