If you have a passion for skincare, becoming an esthetician could be a rewarding career choice for you. The first step is to enroll in a state-certified esthetic program so you can fulfill your educational and training requirements and learn the necessary skills to become a licensed esthetician. Once your coursework is done, you will have to take a state exam before you can begin working as an esthetician. If you are considering making a career change or becoming an esthetician, we rounded up six top reasons to become a licensed esthetician below.

1. It’s A Rewarding Career

When you choose a career as an esthetician, you work directly with people to help them to look and feel their best, which can be very rewarding. Your clients will come to rely on you and your expertise to help them meet their skincare goals by performing customized treatments based on their skin types and concerns. Not only will your customers develop trust in your skills and see you regularly for appointments, but you will also be able to see the results you helped them achieve as their skin progresses. Your clients will be grateful for your service and you will feel fulfilled in the process.

2. The Job Market For Estheticians Looks Promising

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for skin care specialists, like estheticians, is expected to grow 29 percent from now until 2030, which is a much higher rate of growth than the average for other occupations. This is all to say, should be considering becoming an esthetician, you will have plenty of work opportunities to choose from.

3. Your Work Schedule Offers Flexibility

If you are a licensed esthetician, you go a variety of different routes to find employment, which often means you have some control over your work schedule. Estheticians typically work out of a spa, med spa, a salon, and in some states can offer services from their homes. While working at a spa may require some designated work hours, there is typically some flexibility with scheduling and the hours may not be 9-5. If you rent a booth or work from your home, you can set a schedule that works for you and the rest of your life. Either way, if you are an esthetician you will have some say when it comes to your schedule.

4. You Can Offer Specialized Services

Licensed estheticians can offer a range of skincare services including waxing, facials, and other skin and body treatments. However, some estheticians like to offer specialized services like lash extensions or laser hair removal services. These types of treatments may require additional training and or certification depending on your state’s licensing laws. However, being able to provide specialized services to your clients will help you stand out from the pack.

5. You Won’t Get Bored Since Your Knowledge Base Needs To Be Vast

You will never get bored with all of the information you will need to know when you embark on a career as an esthetician. Not only will you need to know about the skin and various treatments to address various concerns, but you will also have to understand products and ingredients to better assist your clients in choosing which products are most appropriate for their skin type. Since the field of aesthetics is constantly growing with new products and technologies coming out regularly, you will need to stay ahead of the curve to continue to be a trusted resource for your clients. Furthermore, the more you become an expert, the more opportunities may arise for you to expand your career with things like starting a vlog or blog, being quoted as an expert for an article, brand partnerships, and paid collaborations for beauty brands.

6. Your Work Day Offers Variety

If you like a workday that offers variety—then a career in esthetics could be an ideal fit. Working as an esthetician offers an opportunity to work on your customer service and communication skills each day since you will be interacting with all types of clients and coworkers. Over time these relationships could even lead to a loyal clientele, friendships, and an expanded professional network. Since your clients will be coming in to see you for a wide range of services for the face and body, the treatment types and protocols can vary widely from day-to-day and from client-to-client as well. With each day offering something different, you won’t be bored with your work.

Final Thoughts...

Becoming a licensed esthetician provides a lot of professional perks including job security, the ability to choose various work settings, endless learning opportunities that provide personal and professional growth, and variety on the job. If you love skin and body care, as an esthetician you will be immersed in the industry and get a great sense of satisfaction from your work.