To have a successful beauty business, you will want to create the most memorable experience (in addition to delivering visible results) for your clients. If you are looking for ways to improve your guest experience even further, an easy way to do so is by offering spa add-on services. Spa add-on services allow your practitioners to customize services for your clients based on their skin type and concerns. They are easy to incorporate into your beauty location’s service menu, add value for your customers, and also create a new revenue stream for your beauty location. If you aren’t sure which services to add to your menu, we rounded up the top six most popular add-on treatments spa guests request below.

1. Scalp Massage

With few exceptions, most people love nothing more than having their scalps massaged. Scalp massages only require a few minutes to provide and can be incorporated into a facial or body treatment, like a back facial or a massage. This treatment could be done with or without the use of additional products. But if the latter is chosen, a conditioning treatment or essential oil like eucalyptus could elevate the entire guest experience.

2. Back Facial

If your clients suffer from acne on their back, then a back facial would be an ideal add-on service to offer them. Facials performed on the back are similar to ones done on the face. They incorporate cleansing, extracting, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Back facials also incorporate some massage in the treatment protocol—so your clients who choose to book this service get the extra benefit of some relaxation as well.

3. Hand Or Foot Massage

The hands and feet are often overlooked parts of the body when it comes to treatments. They are often overworked (and sometimes mistreated with shoes) and are prone to showing signs of aging. Hand and foot treatment add-on services offer the perfect complimentary service for a facial while your client’s face is being steamed or sitting with a mask or peel. Should you offer paraffin wax dip for the hands or feet, it delivers extra moisturizing benefits for your clients who suffer from dry or cracked skin in these areas.

4. Under Eye Treatment

While treating the eyes is typically incorporated into a facial, some clients may present with other issues that require a specialized treatment to address. For example, clients who present with puffiness in the eye region or have dark circles would be good candidates for an eye treatment that offers a little more attention to the area. In these instances you could offer an add-on service that incorporates a facial roller that can assist with lymphatic drainage in the area. You could even freeze the roller to offer cold-temperature therapy to help reduce the inflammation and swelling around the eyes.

5. Lip Treatment

Similar to the eye region, lip treatments are typically part of a facial treatment. However, they can show signs of dehydration and aging that may require extra care and attention to address. If the lips are dry, an exfoliating lip scrub can help remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliation also prepares the lips for a moisturizing treatment afterwards allowing the product to better penetrate into the skin. If these are products you sell in your retail store, you can turn your clients onto new products that they can use at home in between appointments.

6. Body Scrubs

Offering body scrubs can be an easy, cost-effective way to create an add-on to many spa services. They offer your clients an easy solution to address the skin in hard-to-reach areas like the back and provide immediate results that can be felt with smoother, brighter looking skin. And similar to the back facial, clients who get body scrubs get the added benefit of light massage during the application of the scrub.

Final thoughts...

Add-on services are a great tool to leverage your current customer base since selling to an existing client is easier than converting a new one. Additional services also greatly enhance the guest experience. Listen to customers and have your team do the same so you can zero in on their needs and offer the most appropriate add-on services to their existing treatments.