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We bring pioneering beauty devices to the U.S. market, so our partners get results for clients, and your business grows like never before.


We bring pioneering beauty devices to the U.S. market, so our partners get results for clients, and your business grows like never before.

Reach our community of 2000+ U.S. retailers

Artemis partners with manufacturers making best-in-class technology across the world. From product launch to technical support to marketing, we handle everything you need to sell your device to thousands of U.S. estheticians.

Experts in regulation

We get to the heart of your clients’ beauty goals, so we can source devices that meet their needs. 

Targeted product launch

After careful market and consumer analysis, we launch your device to the people who most want to buy, maximizing sales.

Thousands of retailers

Our low-risk, flexible pricing plans mean retailers find it easy to buy devices with us, and our network of partners is large and growing.

Technical support for best results

We give partners first, second, and third line support so they get the best results with your devices. And our service level agreements guarantee the highest standards of technical care, protecting your brand reputation.

Strong brand reputation

Through our training, accreditation and marketing collateral, we maintain and enhance the reputation of your brand, setting you up for sustainable success in U.S. markets.

Our trusted manufacturers

Established in 1947, Pagani is the oldest manufacturer of beauty and medical devices in Italy. On a mission to innovate, their laser devices and Cryo T-Shock have won international awards. They’ve been making Cryoskin for over ten years, and proudly working with Artemis for over five.
Italian firm The Fenix Group has been at the forefront of medical esthetics for decades, designing the highest quality electro-medical devices. Through the strength of their research and development, their sought-after treatments get safe, effective, evidence-backed results.
Korean company Seoulin Medicare pioneers world-leading plasma technology that enhances people’s health and quality of life. Plason is the first evidence-backed remedy for acne that doesn’t require topical or oral medication.

Ready to take the U.S. beauty industry by storm?

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Artemis Payment Options


The Artemis Preview Program

This program is perfect for new partners looking to preview an Artemis device without the commitment of leasing or purchasing.

STEP offers competitive pricing with a 3-month minimum term on certified pre-owned devices based on availability. After the 3-month preview term, you have the flexibility to continue with STEP on a month-to-month basis, roll into a lease, purchase, or return your device hassle-free.

We are so confident that you will make your ROI back that we even offer a revenue guarantee on select products. Please speak to our sales team for more details.

Exclusion: Skinalysis™


The Artemis Lease Program

This program is designed for new and existing partners alike who are eager to bring an Artemis device into their business without the financial burden of purchasing.

LEAP offers you the most flexibility with your finances, allowing you to choose the term, device type, and down payment that works best for your business. Pricing varies depending on device type and chosen term.


For the greatest savings, we offer the opportunity for you to purchase a device outright in cash at any time, either right away or after your STEP or LEAP term.

We offer both new and certified pre-owned devices and accept payment by bank transfer, debit, or credit card for greater convenience.