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T-Shape 2

The ultimate multifunctional face and body sculpting solution, combining cutting-edge technologies that work together to enhance physique and muscle tone, provide temporary relief for muscle aches, and address aesthetic concerns at their root causes.

With powerhouse technologies like low-level laser therapy (LLLT), bipolar radio frequency, mesospheric therapeutic activation, and endodermic massage with suction, the T-Shape 2 provides a combination of proven methods that can be used independently or together to reach your face and body goals.

Say hello to a more sculpted, toned, and revitalized you with the T-Shape 2.

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T-Shape 2 clinical study review

Released: March 2024


Average abdomen circumference reduction


Improvement in
muscle tissue to fat ratio


Improvement in
skin tone and laxity


Increase in rectus abdominis muscle thickness

This data was taken from studies performed by the Cutest LTD CRO in which 100 participants received 5-10 treatments and the Société Française d’Accréditation Santé in which 17 participants were tested. 


Endodermic Massage

Elevate dynamic pulse therapy, offering unmatched body sculpting and a smoother, more contoured appearance.


Boost skin permeability for deeper penetration of active ingredients, enhancing absorption for optimal skincare results.

Laser (LLT)

Target skin layers with precision, promoting cellular rejuvenation and improved skin texture and tone.

Bipolar Radiofrequency

Heat skin tissue effectively, tightening and rejuvenating the skin for a visibly firmer and youthful appearance.

I believe in T-Shape. Having used T-Shape 1 for years, I approached the world of T-Shape 2 believing in this new technology. T-Shape 2 gives us greater capabilities than T-Shape 1 with more immediate results with very visible effects. I can customize treatments for all my clients. We made incredible revenue numbers in one month and paid off the machine in two weeks.

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Our unique pricing options have been designed to ensure that our cutting-edge technology is attainable for all hard-working wellness and beauty entrepreneurs.


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$ 68,000 discounted list price
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*Free delivery and returns excludes AK, HI, PR, & outside Continental US.

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Artemis Payment Options


The Artemis Preview Program

This program is perfect for new partners looking to preview an Artemis device without the commitment of leasing or purchasing.

STEP offers competitive pricing with a 3-month minimum term on certified pre-owned devices based on availability. After the 3-month preview term, you have the flexibility to continue with STEP on a month-to-month basis, roll into a lease, purchase, or return your device hassle-free.

We are so confident that you will make your ROI back that we even offer a revenue guarantee on select products. Please speak to our sales team for more details.

Exclusion: Skinalysis™


The Artemis Lease Program

This program is designed for new and existing partners alike who are eager to bring an Artemis device into their business without the financial burden of purchasing.

LEAP offers you the most flexibility with your finances, allowing you to choose the term, device type, and down payment that works best for your business. Pricing varies depending on device type and chosen term.


For the greatest savings, we offer the opportunity for you to purchase a device outright in cash at any time, either right away or after your STEP or LEAP term.

We offer both new and certified pre-owned devices and accept payment by bank transfer, debit, or credit card for greater convenience.