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As a beauty business owner or practitioner, it is crucial to create a customer experience that will have your existing clients clamoring to make their next appointment as well as attract new ones. If you are one of our existing partners, you know we are huge proponents of lymphatic drainage due to its vast benefits to the skin and body. While we sell a mechanized device, if you are unfamiliar with lymphatic drainage or how it can benefit your clients (and your business), we thought it would be helpful to interview Marta Pichlak-Miarka, one of the founders of Carbonnique, a luxury facial and neck roller made from sustainable materials.

Carbonnique’s roller, which was co-created with Polish dermatologist, Monika Konczalska and launched exclusively at Onda Beauty, a 'clean' beauty retailer co-founded by Naomi Watts, looks more like a decorative item rather than a facial roller. Although facial rollers seem to be cropping up everywhere these days, Pichlak-Miarka and Konczalska wanted to create a roller that felt more like the “it bag” of aesthetic tools. To meet this goal, they teamed up with Italian industrial designer Chiara Orlandini, a former accessories designer at Calvin Klein, to create an easy-to-use, lightweight, and beautiful tool that can be used by both skincare enthusiasts in the privacy of their home as well as by beauty professionals including make-up artists, estheticians, groomers, and massage therapists.

Lymphatic drainage has become all the rage. For those unfamiliar with this trending treatment, I asked Pichlak-Miarka if she could lay out some of the benefits.

“The lymphatic system acts like a sanitation system for our body by getting rid of 'waste' that our body naturally produces, or other things that can invade our body, like bacteria,” she tells me. “The theory is that lymphatic drainage massages can help get rid of excess fluid in the body. Specifically, the process is designed to target "anywhere where there's excessive edema," a.k.a. swelling. It can also help with other general systemic conditions where you really want to move fluid and eliminate waste and toxins.” When I inquire if lymphatic massage can benefit health, Pichlak-Miarka goes on to say that when the lymphatic system is not functioning optimally or is thought to be clogged that it can be the cause of many health issues. “Cells depend on lymphatic fluid (which isabraham h full of disease-fighting white blood cells) to transport substances, communicate with other cells, and help them carry out their duties.

Before we get into how these rollers are used by beauty practitioners, I wanted to get a little more info about what makes Carbonnique’s rollers unique when compared to other rollers available.

“Carbonnique is made of technical ceramics called Alumina (Al2o3). Alumina is widely used in medical devices, dental ceramics, and other bio-implantable devices in orthopedics. Numerous studies have confirmed excellent biocompatible properties of Alumina Ceramics,” explains Pichlak-Miarka. “Biocompatibility means that the material is compatible with the human body and is non-toxic and does not irritate or sensitize intact skin. No other roller on the market has magnetic balls that can be removed for cleaning and prides itself on its unique design and wooden handle. Furthermore, all Carbonnique materials including packaging are sustainably sourced and the brand is limiting the use of any foils in its packaging.”

On why the beauty professional community loves Carbonnique, Pichlak-Miarka tells me that it is both the unique design and how the roller makes clients feel. “Carbonnique can be used in treatment rooms on the face, neck, wrists, arms, abdomen, and even legs for lymphatic drainage and lifting. It also looks like a décor item which encourages consumers to bring it home and use it in between treatments. After all even the most sophisticated tool will not work if you are not using it and estheticians feel confident that they can give their customers something that they will be able to use because of its versatility and simplicity.”

Susan Hammond, owner of Susan Hammond Skincare is a huge fan of incorporating Carbonnique rollers into her aesthetic practice. “Carbonnique has taken the face roller to the next level! I have been in skincare for 23 years, and this is my favorite roller for function & design! It feels amazing and works so well…it’s the perfect pressure & the way it rolls on the skin is everything (you have to try it for yourself), great for lymphatic drainage, and you will see the results,” shares Hammond. “I LOVE it & my clients that have purchased the Carbonnique facial roller are just as in love with it as I am! I love using it in the treatment room as well for added results & relaxation.”

Katje, co-founder of Catalyst Beauty shares, “The Carbonnique roller has been a beautiful addition to our holistic skincare practice. In treatment, the roller elevates our facials and boosts the ‘lifting’ effect we aim to achieve. It’s a tool that our clients love to use at home effortlessly in between their sculpting facials to maintain results and release facial tension."

“Carbonnique is used both in professional spas as well as part of skin preparation by makeup artists (Mary Wiles is a fan as it depuffs the skin), helps with lymphatic drainage, and also helps push products deeper into the skin. While customers love the facial sensation of Carbonnique and how easy and versatile the tool is. After a few instructions from their esthetician, they can confidently perform facials at home in between treatments,” continues Pichlak-Miarka.

For anyone looking for resources on lymphatic drainage massage, whether you are a beauty professional or not, Carbonnique created Carbonnique Studio, a wellness platform. Pichlak-Miarka explains, “Carbonnique Studio is where certified lymphatic massage therapist Jordan Ortega and our co-founder Monika Konczalska MD.Ph.D, who is a dermatologist created lymphatic drainage massage protocols. Everyone is welcome to take a free class at (”

Current partners of Carbonnique include Equinox The Shop, GreenSoul Cosmetics in Italy, ONDA Beauty (where Carbonnique had a signature facial, Lume Sydney, Catalyst Beauty, and Sage Sound. Whether you are a beauty professional or owner looking to incorporate Carbonnique rollers into their practice, the brand welcomes all retail partners and beauty business owners. Pichlak-Miarka tells me, “Our order minimums are four rollers, and we offer 40-55% retail margin, depending on the order size.”


For IG video examples of how carbonnique is used in treatment rooms and by professional estheticians:

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