A Detox at Clinique La Prairie Longevity Clinic: My Experience

Detox at Clinique La Prairie Longevity Clinic

I have wanted to visit Clinique La Prairie, an award-winning longevity clinic located in Montreux, Switzerland for years. Since 1931, this wellness destination has been offering week-long, holistic revitalization programs that inspire clients to live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives. I recently came back from my experience and wanted to share it with any other wellness enthusiasts—whether they be in the industry or curious about visiting themselves.

"The industry considers us as the first medi-wellness institution ever. Our founder, Dr. Paul Niehans was, himself, recognized as a medical pioneer of cellular therapy. When he opened the doors of Clinique La Prairie in 1931, he wanted to give people longer, healthier, and better lives - and, in doing so, he transformed the world of health and wellbeing, focusing on the immune system and on battling aging," Clinique La Prairie’s CEO Simone Gibertoni, Gilberti tells me. "Since then, the clinic has pioneered the science of longevity, making the clinic’s reputation for preventative medicine and longevity second to none. We continue to constantly pool strengths in research and science: in recent years, we were the first medi-spa to offer genetic tests, and now epigenetics ones for example."

The clinic’s approach to wellness for all their unique programs is based on what they refer to as the "CLP Longevity Method. "It is based on a holistic approach that targets inflammation, slows aging, and boosts immunity using the elements of our ‘four pillars’ philosophy: medical, nutrition, wellbeing, and movement, which forms the foundations of every one of our exclusive programs, from Revitalization to Master Detox or Healthy Weight. This is made possible by Clinique La Prairie’s uniqueness that brings together advanced lab and genetics tests, longevity science, experts from multiple disciplines, and over 50 doctors under one roof," explains Gilberti.

"We feed into this interdisciplinary approach, and throughout the guests’ stay, we give them a comprehensive overview of their state of health and bespoke plans to foster a unique opportunity to change their cellular environment in a way that will optimize health, ultimately building a stronger body and mind," continues Gilberti. "We also target and lower the inflammatory responses that are linked to genetic predisposition or lifestyle habits such as nutrition or stress, and that can lead to a wide range of complications and diseases.
Another essential element of Clinique La Prairie is to always deliver our approach with the highest human touch and a very exclusive environment (only 38 rooms)."

I opted to embark on the clinic’s newest program—the 5-Day Detox Reset program. "The new Detox Reset program uncovers mental and physical well-being through diagnostic procedures and therapeutic treatments. With a focus on natural methods for the purification of the body and mind and nutritional processes to boost gut microbiome, guests will discover a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment through achieving a rested body and a reformed mental balance", shares Gilberti.

The Detox Reset is fully committed to Clinique La Prairie’s four longevity pillars. These four key dimensions include a range of new treatments and services:

Medical – provides a general health evaluation with a medical consultant, personalized blood analysis, heavy metal screening, and a body composition test.

  • Nutrition – focuses on a detox diet under an anti-inflammatory meal plan, clinical nutritional assessment, a consultation with a dietician to develop and sustain a personalized nutrition plan, daily Swiss herbal infusions, and Holistic Health Purity supplements.
  • Wellbeing – includes three Clinique La Prairie signature detox massages, a cryotherapy session, cellular detoxifying facial, body scrub and wrap, and toxin cleansing sessions through far-infratherapy dome technology.
  • Movement – consists of a movement session with a professional coach, metabolism detox and breath work, yoga, mountain hiking, and lakeside rebalancing group sessions.

So, what can guests expect during the detoxification process while at the clinic? "During the program, experts will work with guests to stimulate the body’s detoxifying defenses through rebalance of the body’s homeostasis. Guests will benefit from essential nutritional expertise to regulate and balance metabolic pathways to assist with toxin biotransformation and elimination," responds Gilberti. "With a scientific approach, the Detox Reset program will further educate guests on making the right food decisions to support the liver function; a main organ that detoxifies blood, produces the bile needed to digest fat, breaks down hormones, and stores essential vitamins, minerals, and iron."

The food during my stay was amazing and looked like works of art. It was mostly vegetarian except during lunch when there was an animal protein typically included. The day I arrived; I had a private nutritional counseling session with one of the clinic’s nutritionists to go over any dietary restrictions I had in addition to going over their nutrition philosophy.

"Our CLP Nutrition philosophy and pillars are based on an evidence-based approach to nutrients that decreases the inflammatory processes by reducing oxidative stress, improving metabolic function, and restoring a healthy gut microbiota," Gilberti explains. "A balanced diet is the foundation of all our programs. Our nutritionists explain to guests the roots and benefits of our philosophy and provide them with tailored advice while working closely with the Chef and his crew to craft everyday healthy dishes that are always inspiring and adapted to health and dietary needs. Overall, vegan food is privileged in our detox diet. Speaking about the food not included in the food plan: dairy products, gluten, caffeine, sugar, and all artificial sweeteners and preservatives, as well as red meat are excluded."

"With today’s lifestyle, detox programs are major, and thus the MASTER DETOX program is the other popular program. Stress, food treated with pesticides, overconsumption, and demanding situations like the current one expose us to a vast quantity of toxins which affect our bodies’ regeneration capabilities, which can lead to fatigue, digestive problems, allergies, or a weakened immune system. Detox removes these toxins and promotes physiological balance," continues Gilberti. "In our MASTER DETOX week, we focus on a Cellular Genomic detoxification protocol, in line with our scientific approach, and as always on individual plans based on the four pillars of medical, nutrition, wellbeing, and movement. These are 2 major programs among our offer, in which other programs may cover extensive goals of longevity, psychological rebalancing, checkup or weight loss for example."

My experience at Clinique La Prairie was life changing. I learned through my testing that while I am 47 years of age chronologically, I am only 32 years old metabolically, which was amazing news to get. My accommodations were regal and steeped in historical details (like beautiful original hardwood floors) but renovated with the most modern amenities (like radiant heat flooring). My bed, something the clinic prides themselves in, was one of the best I had ever slept in and it even came with a robust list of pillow offerings that ranged from accommodating various sleep positions and one treated with antioxidants to help protect the skin and minimize wrinkling that can occur from sleep. The spa facilities were top notch with offerings like a cryochamber and an infrared dome to lay in to help detoxify the body. The practitioners for the detox facial, massage, and body wrap were some of the best healers I have ever had to treat me. And all around, the entire staff made me feel like home. I honestly can’t wait to go back to Clinique La Prairie. It will definitely be a detox destination for me moving forward anytime I need a reset for my health.

Note: A detailed account of my 5-Day Detox Reset was recently published in Forbes. You can learn more about the program specifics and my experience here.

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