Since I have been writing about non-invasive body contouring and CoolSculpting is one of the most popular, longstanding devices on the market, I have been incredibly curious to know what it feels like and if it works. So, a few months back I scheduled my first appointment at SKINNEY MedSpa in Bal Harbour, Florida, which is one of the most used providers in South Florida.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

For those unfamiliar with how the treatment works, I have included an overview below. CoolSculpting destroys fat cells by a process known as cryolipolysis that uses controlled cold temperatures to trigger programmed cell death (a process known as apoptosis). Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally flushes them out through the liver and the body’s lymphatic system. Results from CoolSculpting are permanent as long as a healthy diet and exercise program are followed afterward.

Why did I Choose To Have CoolSculpting Done?

Generally speaking, I love my body. I just turned 47 and most people think I am in my early 30s. I am incredibly active, but hormones, age, and gravity are starting to take a toll on certain areas of my body that for those in the know, show my age. But after becoming single after twenty-two years of marriage, I wanted my body to look as young as I feel, especially since I am dating now. While I have been using energy-based, non-invasive technologies for my face, I thought it was time to start exploring non-invasive body contouring devices for skin tightening, stretch marks, and targeted fat reduction. In all transparency, I have tried a few technologies already including EON, which is a laser assisted fat reduction machine that utilizes a touchless, robotic technology to perform the treatment, and EmsculptNEO, which uses high-intensity radiofrequency technology in conjunction with electrical muscle stimulation.

I decided to try out CoolSculpting because I wanted to experience the technology firsthand and to see what kind of results I would get. I opted to have my “batwings” and the low back/flank area treated since I have had other areas treated with the technologies listed above.

What Did CoolSculpting Feel Like?

I was a little nervous about how the treatment would feel. A friend of mine had CoolSculpting when it first came to market, and she ended up stopping it a few minutes in since she couldn’t handle the sensation. I have also read mixed reviews about how the treatment feels, so I went in expecting the worst. To my surprise, the treatment itself didn’t hurt at all. The first few minutes I felt extreme cold, but it was tolerable. After five minutes into the treatment, I couldn’t feel a thing.

To be fair, SKINNEY MedSpa did use the CoolSculpting Elite, the newest iteration of the CoolSculpting device that offers two applicators that allow for two areas to be treated at once in addition to seven different c-shaped applicators that offer improved fit for hard-to-get treatment areas and more comfort for the individual receiving the treatment.

What did throw me for a loop was the massage that happens for three minutes after the cyrolipolysis treatment subsided. As a former massage therapist, I thought perhaps this might be a pleasant experience. I was wrong. The most painful part about CoolSculpting is the last three minutes when the frozen areas treated with CoolSculpting are massaged to ensure that the fat cells get moved through the body as waste. Thank goodness it is only three minutes. But even with a high pain threshold, the massage portion was uncomfortable, even teetering on painful.

Once the massage portion was finished, my arms felt a little sore (as if I worked out really hard) for a few days. I had some minor bruising on my arms where the fat and skin were pinched together under the paddles. All in all, it was a comfortable experience—minus the massage.

How Did My Results Turn Out?

It has been roughly twelve weeks since my first appointment. I have to say I can absolutely see a difference in my back fat. The arms are hard to tell. I don’t have much fat on my body and the technician noted that fact. She also noted that my “batwings” were loose skin rather than fat. I may need to try a skin tightening treatment like Cryoskin or radiofrequency coupled with electrical muscle stimulation to get the desired results I seek.

Would I Have CoolSculpting Again?

I would absolutely have CoolSculpting done again. Now that I know how it feels, works, and the results, I think it is a great tool to have in the tool bag when my body needs a little jumpstart on fat reduction and a little boost in physical confidence.


I had a great first experience with CoolSculpting. The procedure itself doesn’t hurt and the results are visible, even after one treatment. It takes a few months to see the full results, but when compared to the risks and downtime required to recover from surgery, this feels like a much better solution. The only downside from my experience was the massage. But luckily, it is only a few minutes long.