What’s Driving Demand For Non-Invasive Aesthetic Services?

Staying on top of ever-changing beauty trends can be challenging. But understanding the data is essential for addressing the aesthetic needs of your customer base and maintaining the overall health of your beauty business.

To get a better understanding of what is driving increased demand for non-invasive aesthetic services, we recently conducted the Artemis Beauty Survey to explore the correlation between age, beauty perception, and social media usage.

What is the Artemis Beauty Survey?

The goal of our survey is to keep our fingers on the pulse of what customers who seek non-invasive treatments want so that we can better support you and your business by offering you the latest technologies that help you meet your clients’ aesthetic goals.

To ensure quantitative and statistical accuracy, our survey was conducted by Niels Markwat, who has a PhD in social sciences with a special focus on data analysis and survey methodology. The survey included insights from over 1,200 participants who shared their thoughts on a variety of beauty and wellness topics pertaining to acne, mental health, and aesthetic procedures.

The results provided valuable insights into the non-invasive beauty market, demographics, and current market trends, which we will dive into in more detail below.

Masks Have Caused A Rise In Acne

One of the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is “maskne.” In fact, 43% of the women surveyed reported that they are suffering from worsened acne as a result of wearing a facial mask. Not only did people report more acne overall, but the intensity of the acne increased as well. This phenomenon worsened depending on how frequently a mask was worn throughout the week.

Now that masks are finally not being required, visibility of the residual acne is a motivating factor for people seeking treatments to address it. To add to matters, people who suffer from acne have a higher likelihood of depression and anxiety, which has led consumers to look for new and effective solutions that treat the condition—especially non-invasive treatments.

Our survey findings illustrated that Millennials specifically were the demographic most affected emotionally with 73% of our survey pool suffering from anxiety and 68% with depression as a direct result of their acne. Regardless of age, addressing acne concerns presents the ideal opportunity to offer viable solutions to your clients to help boost their confidence.

Younger Generations Want More Aesthetic Solutions

In addition to our survey determining a direct correlation with Millennials who suffer from acne having a higher incidence of depression and anxiety, our survey also revealed other interesting data points about the younger generations and their desire to seek out aesthetic treatments.

Survey responders from Generation Z (ages 10-25) and Millennials (ages 26-41) reported a significantly higher interest in undergoing cosmetic surgery when compared to the older generations. While only 3.6% of the respondents aged 41 and older are considering cosmetic surgery, a whopping 12.4% of the respondents who are Generation Z and 11.6% of the Millennials are interested in going under the knife to meet their aesthetic goals.

Social media has definitely played a hand in this new consumer behavior trend. Our survey findings concluded that 31.6% of Generation Z and 26.7% of Millennials agree that social media is leading them to consider cosmetic surgery, as opposed to only 10.2% of people aged 41 and older.

While you don’t want to alienate your older customer base, the findings from our Beauty Survey illustrated that the younger generations are seeking a variety of beauty treatments (both non-invasive and invasive) to reach their aesthetic goals. However, offering safe, effective, non-invasive solutions for your younger clientele can help them achieve their goals without having to resort to more extreme treatment options, like surgery. This trend presents an exciting opportunity to attract and retain new clients in these age groups if you aren’t already doing so.

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