You read that right! One “secret” to growing your spa business is going to be revealed in this article. But why is the word secret in quotation marks? Because I don’t think this is a new concept or truly even a secret to spa business owners, just something that needs to be evaluated and visited more regularly.

The secret? Focus on your team & training them.

Shocking, right? You should TRAIN your team! I know you know this, but time and time again, I have talked with spa employees who were improperly trained and their manager and the business owner had no idea. Here is what happens: as the spa business owner, you started by yourself or maybe with one other employee. You trained that person and as you grew, you probably took part in training the next 5 people. But as you continued to grow, the training was most likely passed off to someone else on the team. This is not the problem! The problem is that if you are not regularly evaluating and updating your training materials and spending time making sure that your employees are well-trained, then I promise you, they aren’t well-trained.

Updating your training materials and having mandatory trainings regularly allows you to continue to make sure of two things:

  1. Your team knows what they are supposed to be doing and they aren’t frustrated by always looking for the answer.

  2. Your clients are receiving consistent treatments from well-trained and happy providers.

Existing clients are the easiest clients to get! Focusing your efforts on your team allows you to build culture, which is going to be the key to employee satisfaction, retention, and even overall business growth and success. A company doesn’t make the people, but people do make the company, and top-talent is going to be attracted to a spa that is already a great place to work. So the next time you are evaluating your strategy for ways to grow your revenue and your business, remember that happy, healthy employees show up to work, do great work, and work hard, which is something that your clients will witness firsthand every time they walk through your doors.