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I recently wrote an article for Forbes on my great experience at SKINNEY Medspa, one of the country’s leading medical spas in the country and in the process learned that they will be launching SKINNEY Academy, an advanced training course for estheticians in the upcoming months.

Founded in 2010 by sisters, Adriana and Marisa Martino (who also happen to be licensed estheticians), SKINNEY Medspa was launched to offer its guests non-invasive beauty treatments for the face and body in a luxurious setting. Since its launch, SKINNEY Medspa has performed hundreds of thousands of body sculpting, laser, and facial treatments making SKINNEY the leading experts in cutting edge, non-invasive aesthetic technology. As a result, SKINNEY Academy is a platform for prospective estheticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, dermatological PA’s, and physicians to learn non-invasive aesthetic treatments to help propel their future aesthetic career goals.

Adriana tells me, “We wanted clients to relax and thoroughly enjoy their experience, all while only offering treatments and technology that were very results oriented.” “SKINNEY Medspa is the leading provider of non-invasive therapies for the face and body in the nation. We offer the industry's most innovative technologies and partner with top doctors and providers in the aesthetic industry to offer advanced wellness solutions. Our technologies and therapies include Coolsculpting Elite, Emsculpt Neo, EON, Morpheu8, and more. We also have a national partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as Biologique Recherche, an exclusive French skincare brand,” continues Marisa.

To get some additional information on SKINNEY’s Academy launch, I caught up with Lindsay Malachowski, SKINNEY’s Chief Operating Officer, and Revana Rahman, the brand’s Operating Manager.

“We are going to do a soft launch of the SKINNEY Academy later this year in Q1 2023,” shares Malachowski. The Academy is geared towards estheticians, PAs, and nurses expanding into the field of aesthetics. “We have over 60 years of combined treatment experience between me (Malachowski is also an esthetician) and SKINNEY’s founders. We are looking to host more advanced classes in the treatments that SKINNEY offer as well as from the manufacturer. Classes will be offered by both manufacturers and licensed estheticians.”

“The wellness industry has exploded in the last 15 years with companies moving into the wellness space, holistic medicine, and preventative medicine. Many medical professionals want to get involved in the industry and this was geared towards them, especially nurses since they don’t know where to get started,” responds Rahman when I ask why the Academy was created and what void it fills in the market. “With licensed medical professionals specifically, they have a lot of clinical training but have no training in aesthetics. With SKINNEY Academy’s advanced training, it gives them a glimpse into the industry while providing them the training they need to practice whether that be with us or another med spa.”

The SKINNEY team is building the online model as we speak. “We will be offering a hybrid model with both online courses and in-person training starting in New York City. We have markets in Houston and Miami. We are beta testing and if it goes well, we will bring the Academy to other major markets,” continues Rahman.

“We are excited to lead our training with Morpheus8 (link to article) that we will be offering a certification in addition to microneedling with MDPen, which offers slightly different results and a more accessible price point. We have handpicked all of SKINNEY’s treatments with ourselves in mind since we are not only the provider, but the targeted consumer,” Malachowski tells me when I ask what kind of classes they will be offering. “We are thinking about what kind of treatments we want as consumers and practitioners and providing training on those technologies. We are also trying to be inclusive with our training, understanding that smaller medical spas may not have multiple devices in their location. If you are a student and you want to improve your resume, you can pick which training courses you want and need.”

SKINNEY Academy will offer courses in Morpheus8, Microneedling, Emsculpt, Coolsculpting, Hydrafacial, and so much more. Students who complete the course will get certified through the modality (its manufacturing company) and SKINNEY Medspa. Following a hybrid learning model, students will have the opportunity to have hands-on, in person training at SKINNEY’s flagship location in Manhattan, NY as well as access to SKINNEY’s virtual training platform through as they learn the fundamentals of the world’s most popular aesthetic treatments, sales intensives, and so much more. Teaching the technical, personal, and business aspects of what is required for aestheticians and providers, SKINNEY Academy has first-hand knowledge of what medspas, employers, and clients are looking for.

With SKINNEY currently the number one provider in the world for EMSCULPT and the number one provider in the country of EON, I think it is safe to say that practitioners can learn about both the device and these technologies (in addition to many other technologies and devices that are in high-demand) along with the techniques that will deliver the results your clients are seeking.

For more information about SKINNEY Academy, you can visit the website to sign up and get notified when training courses are available.

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