The “get more done” help articles recommended that I focus on accomplishing 3-5 tasks a day. THREE TO FIVE!! As a small business owner, I have 3-5 things that must be done every hour, before, during, and after operating hours.

The “Ivy Lee Method” suggested that I write down 6 things each night to accomplish the following day. Ok, but what about my exhausted brain at night and the fact that there will be 6 additional things I don’t know about yet that will pop up tomorrow too?

So, I searched some more. The “1-3-5 rule” recommended that I write down 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things to accomplish that day. Ok so now, we’re at 9 tasks a day, but I am starting to wonder what kind of businesses they are running!

I was about to throw in the towel and accept defeat, but I am an entrepreneur and a business owner, so giving up isn’t an option for me! I asked my network of like-minded business owners (some of who seem to be so much more prepared and put together than me)… what in the world are you doing to stay on top of the tasks every day??

The answer was so simple, I almost kicked myself. End of the day tasks!

Well, in my case, end of the morning and end of the day tasks. Before I can go to lunch or leave for the day, I have a list of to-dos that MUST be checked off, so that I am prepared for the next part of my day or the next day.

Literally everything– entering client notes or photos into the system, confirming appointments for the following day, updating daily spreadsheets, etc. You name it, if I could turn it into an EOD task, I did. This allowed me to be present to tackle anything that needed to be done as it happened, but also to feel in control of the day and stay on top of the recurring important tasks that also fill my day-to-day activities. It allowed me to leave work at work, instead of trying to stay later, accomplish more at home, or worry about it all night.

Don’t believe me? Re-read the first 3 paragraphs and tell what each of those methods have in common? Choosing accomplishable tasks and setting a time to do them. I was just missing the application of those help articles by an inch– until someone pointed out what should have already been obvious to me! This is me pointing it out to you– try setting yourself up with some end of the day tasks that you know you can and need to accomplish each day!