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With finely curated analysis wands, sensors and a micro-camera, Skinalysis™ is a unique device to upgrade the skin consultation and assessment experience for complete skin/hair/body evaluations in one.

Skinalysis™ combines measurements of skin and hair parameters with visual analysis and documentation. With appropriate identification of skincare concerns, the information generated makes creating and preparing a skincare plan for your clients seamless and easy.

Treatment plans made personal


Tailored skincare advice and recommendations


Creates an enhanced treatment plan


Records data on results over time

How it works

  1. During the analysis, HD imaging and data-driven analyses show your client what their skin looks like beyond the naked eye, so you can explain their concerns and give them more confidence in your recommendations.
  2. After every consultation, Skinalysis™ generates a personal skin report, including a breakdown of your client’s results, which you can send to their smartphone, tablet or email.
Skinalysis™ Analysis Wand being applied to persons forehead.

Tailor-made treatments


A specialized hydration wand gauges the amount of water present on the outer layer of the skin to assess hydration levels.


The temperature wand measures localized skin temperature. Typically, areas with cellulite are hypoxic areas-meaning they lack blood flow-which is usually indicated by colder temperature readings.


The elasticity wand uses a suction force to detect laxity in the skin. The degree to which the suction force can manipulate the skin is used to evaluate the level of skin laxity.


The pH wand evaluates pH using a scaled down potentiometer. The pH reading provides information about the skin’s barrier to inform an assessment of the overall health and vitality of the skin.


Using a specialized film, a close-up analysis of the client's skin becomes easy. The film absorbs any oil present on the area being evaluated, then, using the camera feature, an image of the film is captured to be blown up and viewed digitally.

The Skinalysis Analysis Wand is being used on a person's head.

We have your back, every step of the way

When you partner with Artemis and bring Skinalysis™ into your practice, your business thrives. Here’s why:

Unprecedented access

Our unique pricing options have been designed to ensure that our cutting-edge technology is attainable for all hard-working wellness and beauty entrepreneurs.
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Best in class training

We want you to have more than just financial success. Our best in class training will help you to get the best from our device and accelerate personal and professional development for you and your team.

Marketing support

Our marketing support includes on-demand marketing webinars, technical workshops, marketing collateral, and digital media to get you started. We also provide access to trusted marketing partners who can help you drive leads and appointments.

The Artemis community

The Artemis community gives you the care, guidance and inspiration you need to weather the highs and lows of running a business, creating strong, sustainable growth long into the future.

Technical support

We believe that providing outstanding technical support is not just a service – it’s a commitment to your success. Our support team works diligently to resolve your problems promptly, minimizing downtime and disruptions.


For LEAP partners, a full warranty plan is included while participating in these programs. For capital partners, a one-year warranty is provided with the option to purchase an extended warranty for additional peace of mind.

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Artemis Payment Options


The Artemis Preview Program

This program is perfect for new partners looking to preview an Artemis device without the commitment of leasing or purchasing.

STEP offers competitive pricing with a 3-month minimum term on certified pre-owned devices based on availability. After the 3-month preview term, you have the flexibility to continue with STEP on a month-to-month basis, roll into a lease, purchase, or return your device hassle-free.

We are so confident that you will make your ROI back that we even offer a revenue guarantee on select products. Please speak to our sales team for more details.

Exclusion: Skinalysis™


The Artemis Lease Program

This program is designed for new and existing partners alike who are eager to bring an Artemis device into their business without the financial burden of purchasing.

LEAP offers you the most flexibility with your finances, allowing you to choose the term, device type, and down payment that works best for your business. Pricing varies depending on device type and chosen term.


For the greatest savings, we offer the opportunity for you to purchase a device outright in cash at any time, either right away or after your STEP or LEAP term.

We offer both new and certified pre-owned devices and accept payment by bank transfer, debit, or credit card for greater convenience.