Women aren’t the only ones who want to age gracefully with the help of various aesthetic treatments. In fact, there has been a major paradigm shift brewing over the last few years. As a result, aesthetic treatments for men are moving into the mainstream for a variety of reasons including awareness, acceptability, and availability.

Other influences that are contributing to this shift are Zoom, social media, competitive job markets, and the growing number of male celebrities who are having multiple different aesthetic enhancements done. The attention on appearance is projected to fuel growth in the global market at a compound annual rate of 7.3% through 2024.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men accounted for 8% of all cosmetic procedures including both surgical and non-invasive in the United States in 2018, which represents a 29% increase since 2000. But the growth rate for non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures was 72%. After injectables, non-surgical fat reduction is the second most popular non-invasive treatment men are seeking.

If you aren’t marketing your products and services to men, your beauty business could be missing out on an untapped revenue stream. So which treatments are men choosing to tighten and tone their bodies? We will explore three of the most popular non-surgical body contouring treatments they are seeking to look and feel their best.

EmSculpt Neo

EmSculpt NEO is the first FDA-cleared device on the market to patent and combine electromagnetic energy with radiofrequency heat that synergistically produces more muscle while reducing fat. Emsculpt couples radio frequency and HIFEM+ (high-intensity electromagnetic field energy) technology to eliminate fat while simultaneously building muscle.

This revolutionary device can be utilized to sculpt the abdomen, buttocks, and arms delivering 20,000 contractions of the target muscles in the treatment area/s. While EmSculpt Neo requires no downtime it can take up to four treatments to see results including tightened skin, reductions in subcutaneous fat, and a more toned physique. On average people see approximately 30 percent fat reduction and a 25 percent increase in muscle.


SculpSure is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes heat to destroy unwanted fat cells and gradually reduce them over time and can melt 25 percent body fat in 25 minutes without the need for incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. SculpSure uses a light-based device to heat fat cells while cooling the skin and is FDA-approved for use on common trouble spots for men including the abdomen, flanks, back, and inner and outer thighs.

The heat from the SculpSure treatment also stimulates collagen and elastin so, in addition to reducing fat, it also helps to tighten and tone the skin. Ideal candidates have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30 and are healthy who struggle with stubborn pockets of fat despite following a healthy diet and exercise program.

There isn’t any downtime associated with SculpSure, although patients may feel some tenderness in treated areas for a few days, which is comparable to the soreness you feel after an intense workout. SculpSure results show up gradually because the treatment works by reducing unwanted fat slowly over time. Most men see their full results in about 6-12 weeks after just one treatment.

CoolSculpting (aka Cryolipolysis)

CoolSculpting® was approved by the FDA in 2010 as a non-invasive way to reduce stubborn fat pockets on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, bra, and back fat, double chin, and underneath the buttocks—sometimes referred to as “banana rolls”.

CoolSculpting® is based on the scientific concept known as cryolipolysis where precise, cold temperatures are used to target and destroy fat cells in the treatment area without damaging the surrounding tissue. Exposure to the freezing cold temperature kills fat cells that are eventually flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

Treatments take anywhere between 30-60 minutes for each treatment area and are generally well tolerated, especially once the skin becomes numb from the exposure to the cold temperature. The average reduction in fat ranges from 10%-25% per round of treatment.

Results can be seen one month after the treatment with full results being visible after two to three months. Multiple treatment sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results. However, once they are achieved, the results are long-lasting if a healthy diet and exercise plan is maintained.

Bottom Line

With major advancements in technology, sculpting the body has never been easier—and that applies to men. If you own a beauty business, it would be wise to market non-invasive body contouring services to this consumer segment to both retain and attract new clients.